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MISTER SIX: the story of drag racing legend Dennis Priddle

For two decades, Dennis Priddle competed in that most explosive of motor sports, drag racing. He was a major force in Europe, where he enjoyed great success at the very top level. He also built some of the outstanding cars of the period, as the sport underwent a massive rise in popularity. A highly respected engineer, whose attention to detail is legendary, Dennis was much feared on the track for his determination and lightning starts, driving supercharged, nitro-burning dragsters and funny cars. He was the first competitor outside of North America to run under seven seconds for the standing-start quarter mile, which earned him the nickname Mister Six. Dennis also ran the world’s quickest time for a front-engined dragster, when he clocked 6.04s in the beautiful Mr. Revell slingshot.

Dennis Priddle did much to popularise the sport across Europe, with countless appearances at shows and demonstrations throughout his time behind the wheel of those record-breaking cars, from the mid-sixties through to the mid-eighties, when he retired. He was there at the very start of drag racing in Sweden, which was a country he always enjoyed visiting, and which has developed a strong racing culture.

Normally a very private person, this book, written by his friend and respected drag racing photojournalist, Keith Lee, will open up a unique view of the life and times of this proud native of Somerset, both on and off track. Heavily illustrated, this detailed hardback book will contain a super selection of photographs, many previously unpublished, Keith’s fascinating detailed account unwraps the life story of this formidable character, who is best known to his many drag racing fans as Mister Six.



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